What to See


2018 Vendors List

Updated June 17, 2018

Blue Rail Hobbies

Caboose Stop Hobbies

Coreyville Station

Teskey's Trains

Green-Frog Videos

Withers Publishing

Great Northern Historical Society

Burlington Route Society

Spring Creek Hobbies

John's Trains and Hobbies

Boone Hobbies

Neeterfield Hobbies

Taylor's Toys and Trains

Hobby Station

4000 Foundation Limited

Depots Unlimited


Rama Collectables

Chuck's Trains

CJ and L Trains

Rattins Railroad Relics

Side Track Hobbies

The Almond Hut

J&M Antiques

Rich's Trains and Treasures

Jaeger HO Products

West Suburban Model Railroad Center

Region Custom Loads

Alan's DCC



RDK Trains

Bill Nelson

Larry Anglund

Barry Wainer

Harlan Schmidt

Harold Ziehr

Jim Goodin

Bernard Mates

Jim Woods

Tim Roycroft

Dudley Motley

Dave Tiffany

Tom  Ratcsh

Bill Lindsay

Gerald Franzen

Tom Whitt

Roger Holmes

Paul Hester

John Gottcent

Mike Roth

Rodney Thompson

Dennis Silver

Jeff Cooper

Mike Singleton

Jim Shepard  

Todd Pendleton

Mike Hogan

Wanda Wallace

Dave Jacobs

John Dawkins

Bill Faehse

Eugene Crumrine

Darrell Oldfield

Mike Schulze

Gary Stengle

Tim Fehring

Mike Daeiden

Tyler Neesam

John Averill

John Harker

Richard Shane 

Dennis Kletecka

Ray Haffner

Ron Wendt

Stephan Brown

Jim Aronhalt

N Scale Bloomington Normal

Steve Shults

Q Connection

2018 Layouts

Heritage N-Track Group

Independence Junction O-Scale

Galesburg City Job

Joes Brick Depot  (LEGO)